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Traffic Violation Cases

Often, you hear people say
“I’ll just pay the ticket.”  

Hearing that makes me cringe.  Even the smallest of traffic infractions can have larger ramifications.  Convictions on traffic tickets can result in increased insurance premiums, or more importantly, a suspension of your license. More serious traffic offenses can lead to jail time.  

It is very important to consult an attorney when traffic matters arise.  

Dealing with the Secretary of State can create headaches for people who try to undertake this task alone.  I have dealt with the Secretary of State in one capacity or another from the first day I began practicing law.   

If you do have a suspended license, I will work with you, the Secretary of State, and the court system to do what it takes to get your license valid as soon as possible.  

Please call or e-mail for a free consultation regarding your case.