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Expungements & Sealing

Many offenses or arrests from one’s past are eligible for either an expungement or a sealing.  

An expungement erases the arrest and/or the case information from one’s record.  An expungement essentially makes it as if thearrest or case never happened.  I have experience in expungements in many different counties.  Procedures and timelines vary from county to county, but it is important to have an attorney complete the expungement process for you.  

There are specific details and procedures that must be followed to have your expungement granted.
Certain offenses or dispositions that are not eligible for an expungement are eligible to be sealed.

Sealing an offense does not wipe the case clean from one’s record, but most background checks will be unable to see any information regarding your case.  

Please call or e-mail regarding your case to determine if and when an expungement or a sealing is appropriate for your arrest or case.