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DUI / OWI Charges

DUI is one of the more complex charges in the criminal court system.

There are details and variables that require timely attention.  A defendant must not only answer to the criminal charges in court, but also needs to be concerned with driver’s license suspension issues.

It is very important to remember:
Just because you are charged with DUI, it does not mean you will automatically be found guilty of DUI.  

Also, it does not automatically mean you will lose your driving privileges for any period of time.   

As your attorney, I will work with you to first, prioritize what is most important to you.  

As evidence is received and your case progresses, I will identify the strengths and weaknesses in your case.  Strengths in a DUI case can lead to an acquittal, a dismissal, a rescission of a driver’s license suspension,or a plea to a lesser charge. Weaknesses in a case can be mitigated through several creative approaches. 

My focus, as a DUI attorney, is making sure my client is always on the same page with me.  

Through close communication, I ensure that my clients understand the complex area of DUI litigation.  Once a common understanding is established, I can work most effectively to achieve a desirable outcome for you, the client.  Please call or e-mail for a free consultation regarding your case.